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All for Japan

So many people are doing what they can to contribute to the efforts of relief for the Japanese people. None of us can do very much on our own, but if we all do what we can, good things can happen. Mike Godfrey an I are influenced greatly by the Japanese spirit and in our way want to help. Of course, people can donate money to charity organizations and help in many ways, but we wanted to give something back to those who contribute by giving you something as a reminder to keep Japan in your thoughts and spread the word to others that might want to help by giving what they can. All of the proceeds from all of the sales after cost and shipping will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society at the request of our great friend Shigenori Iwasaki, of Yellowblaze Tattoo Studio, Yokohama Japan. We have priced the items so that there is money from every single transaction, including the stickers, that will be donated to this cause. We want to give special thanks to Paul Salem of Megamerch, Whittier, California ( for donating his time and materials to make these top quality shirts.

Thank you,

Mike Godfrey & Jeff Gogue
Gogue Art
Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

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